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The Rolling Stones - No Security (1998).rar (April-2022)




- Thanks to the 30th ANNIVERSARY of his life - IRA ROLLING STONE – is my personal favorite musician He’s my biggest musical influence. Every song is a classic. For instance – ‘Under My Thumb’ (1971), ‘Miss You’ (1976), ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ (1966), ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ (1968) and ‘You Better Move On’ (1969). What more do you want? If you are going to name the greatest heavy metal songs, is there any reason why you couldn’t pick them all? Ira has always been a legend in the music industry. He made the Rolling Stones what they are today – one of the most legendary rock bands the world has ever seen. His voice was so hard-edged and powerful that he has become one of rock’s greatest vocalists. Ira’s band, The Stones, in 1972 released the album “Goats Head Soup” and included the song that is one of the greatest rock songs ever written – “Sympathy For the Devil”. It’s a great rock anthem that really articulates what a very, very good song it is. The song is about a self-destructive mood and lifestyle – the kind of life style that Ira lives and that he loves to live. It’s a great song. Can we assume that The Stones’ major studio albums up to “Goats Head Soup” are good? You can assume so. But even though some people don’t consider “Goats Head Soup” a classic, it’s still a great record. It’s an up-tempo record that’s very successful. But even so, the band never achieved the same level of success as they did in the 1960s, because they weren’t available to the general public, like they were in the ‘60s. What is the quality of the work you did on that album? Because “Goats Head Soup” was recorded at a different time, it’s a more primitive record than the ones I worked on with the band. Ira’s voice has more of a bluesy feel to it. I always try to make the music sound very rough and tough



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The Rolling Stones - No Security (1998).rar (April-2022)

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