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"DUCK A Cop" Initiative

Back the Blue SE CT is asking all our followers to jump on this new feel good project we are starting called the "DUCK A Cop" Initiative. The purpose is simple, to bring a smile to our officers in blue. Law Enforcement Officers are experiencing a lot of negativity and need to know there are people out there that care. This little token is our way of letting them know we stand behind them. So how does it work? First, get your hands on some rubber ducks. They can be found on Amazon, Ebay, Oriental Trading, and other like places. Then get some gift cards in any amount from anywhere you'd like. Next print out the yellow "You've Been Ducked" logo card and include it and the gift card with the duck.Now you are ready to go "DUCK a Cop!" Hand them out to any officer you see. They might not understand at first but that's ok, they'll get it as soon as they read the card. Then watch them smile.


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